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What do customers and participants say about me?

There is nothing worse than finishing a keynote without knowing if my customers and participants enjoyed the experience. Therefore I am always happy to receive feedback - especially, if it is positive! Are you unsure if I am the right keynote speaker for your event? Let yourself be assured by the following testimonials:


“Thank you for your keynote, which was pointed, humorous and rich in content. You developed fundamental issues of agile quality management and managed to make it accessible to us by many practical examples.”

Dr. Benedikt Sommerhoff,
Leiter Innovation & Transformation, Deutsche Gesellschaft für Qualität e.V

“I was happy to experience you last week during the DGQ event about agile quality management. Your short keynote was absolutely inspiring. Thank you!”

Ing. Meike Moser,
Qualitätsingenieur, Daimler AG, Stuttgart

Patricia Adam

“Yesterday, I participated in the DGQ event and followed your keynote with enthusiasm. Thank you very much for the exhilarant way of explaining agility.”

Henrike Brüning,
Leiterin Qualitätsabteilung / Head of Quality, OKE Automotive GmbH& Co. KG

Patricia Adam

„With pleasure I listened to your keynote concerning „agility and ISO 9001“ during an event of Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft. With your contribution, you matched the spirit of the time and presented the topic comprehensibly and humorously. Thank you very much!”

Dirk Henn,
QMB, Fraunhofer-Institut für Zerstörungsfreie Prüfverfahren IZFP

Patricia Adam

“At our three “auditor day” events we enjoyed your very interesting and current keynote concerning agile methods in quality management. In my opinion, it combined a fascinating content with an entertaining performance. Our participants provided equally positive feedback. Thank you very much!”

Markus Bleher,
Geschäftsführer, DQS GmbH

“Professional, competent, pointed and entertaining – your contribution at our 8th Day for Idea and Innovation Managers proved that agile processes and ISO 9001 could be well-compatible under certain conditions. Your keynote was very positively received by all of the approx. 120 business leaders.”

Christian Treptow,
Innovation und Forschung, Industrie- und Handelskammer Hannover

"Many thanks for the competent, honest and entertaining introduction to "agility". Our customers have expressed that they now have a better understanding of an "agile company" as it is propagated by management. Thank you for clarifying not only the advantages, but also the weaknesses and "feints" of this approach."

Birgit Schulze Heuling,
Managing Director, tci-tangram consultants international gmbh

Patricia Adam

"A highlight of our symposium Sales and Behavioural Training 2019 in Stuttgart was your contribution "The intended flexibility - how to integrate agile methods into your training". The participants especially remembered the "Team Kickboxes". Their feedback included, among others, "world class", "great practical examples", "very good speaker". Practical relevance and interaction immediately provided our participants with ideas how to use the methods in their own trainings. Thank you very much!"

Claudia Geißendörfer,
Consultant HR Development, Sparkassenakademie Baden-Württemberg

Patricia Adam

"Your keynote "practically good friends" was outstanding. You showed very impressively, which framework, leadership and mindsets are necessary, so that agility can be experienced permanently. The key question, where and how does agile work make sense, was answered in a comprehensible way. A successful lecture from practice, which everyone should hear before blindly introducing agility."

Jochen Kleh,
Managing Director, Kleh. Consulting & Solutions

"With your keynote on "Agile Processes", you succeeded with flying colours in reconciling innovation and reality. You inspired our management team and thus made a valuable contribution to the success of our event. Thank you very much for that!"

Management Conference,
Personal- und Organisationsamt, Stadt Frankfurt am Main


Patricia Adam
Patricia Adam
Patricia Adam

Read in feedback sheets....

"Current topic, well presented, competent speaker"; "Very good presentation concerning the topic in question"; "Great practical examples"; "Very good speaker!"; "World class!"; "Top presentation, finally no agile religion"; "Excellent presentation, very clear and helpful"; "Great (image, language and pace) and freshly moderated, it was fun to listen to! Thank you!"; "Ms. Adam understood how to lecture online"; "Lively and purposefully agile"; "Excellent presentation, very descriptive and helpful."

"I found trying out the kickboxes very interesting. It allowed ideas to emerge straight away when testing how to incorporate them into trainings and feeling like a participant myself."