Newly appointed member of Task Group 4 "Risk" of ISO/TC 176

The ISO 9000 series of standards are the most widely used management standards in the world. Almost 1 million organisations in various industries worldwide have ISO 9001 certification. Now I am directly involved in the development of these international standards. As representative of the European Organisation for Quality (EOQ), I am involved in Task Group 4 of ISO/TC 176 with the (re)conceptualisation of "risk" and the approach of "risk-based thinking" as a basis for further work on the ISO 9000 family. The focus of the "Risk Paper" currently being prepared is on the concept and not on the discussion of the term "risk" per se. The first joint meeting already took place in December via Zoom. The aim is to be able to present a draft "Risk Paper" agreed upon in the Task Group until April. As a member of DGQ and ISO 9001 auditor for soon 20 years I am looking forward to contributing my knowledge from research and many years of (German) business practice. At the same time, this appointment also marks the start of my new research project "Risk 2.0".